Devon and Cornwall

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This is a special corner of England and includes Vintage Inns that have grown and entwined themselves like mistletoe on the knotted trunk of history.

Here your meal and beverage gains added savour from the knowledge of your surroundings. Look closely enough and you can also see the story of the land retold in the flames of our log fires.

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Discover a Vintage Inn in Devon and Cornwall

The Drum Inn at Cockington has a direct link to notability, having been designed by the great British architect Edwin Lutyens, while The China House in Plymouth was a great waterfront warehouse that saw the 17th century international trade boom.

Perhaps grandest of all, The Tarka Inn at Barnstaple stands like a great monolith, the bulk of its walls a testament to the wealth and power of those who once lived in this former manor house.

The triangle bounded by Exeter, Plymouth and Barnstaple is a fascinating area to explore, and Vintage Inns are not just excellent places to get rest and refreshment - each one is part the story.

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