North East

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From the open spaces of Northumbria to the windswept North Sea coast, this region is rich in historical treasures to discover.

And the welcome is never warmer than by the fires of one of our traditional pubs where they know how to keep a good cellar and a well run kitchen.

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Discover a Vintage Inn in North East

Each pub belongs to its community, with The Tawny Owl near Hurworth being among the oldest buildings in the area. The Snowy Owl near Cramlington is so old its origins are lost in the mists of time. The Old Farmhouse at Middleton St George dates back around 250 years and was originally a pub called The Wheatsheaf, which became a farmhouse and then a pub again!

Plus, bustling cities such as Newcastle are vibrant and attractive urban centres, yet with their architectural and industrial heritage remaining intact.

It maybe remote but the North East has a lot to offer travellers, particularly those seeking rest and refreshment at a fine old Vintage Inn. Take the time to visit along the way!

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