Good fireside pub food

The food we love to eat at The Fisher's Pond is the food we serve, that's why our guests keep coming back. They trust us to get their favourites absolutely right - pub classics such as our Butcher's Choice Sausage and Mash - and to surprise them with something unexpected like our new Scottish Mussels in a White Wine and Parsley Sauce baked in a hand-rolled garlic bread crust - perfect for dipping!

They have a taste too for the wines and cask ales in our well-stocked cellars.

Book your table now and we'll have it ready for you when you arrive. That should give you plenty of time to study our menus.

Lazy lunches

Our lovely lunches are relaxed and unhurried because we serve them till 5pm every day, Monday to Saturday. They're great value too, starting at just £5.50. For an extra £2 a dish, you can add a starter and a pudding to turn a single dish into a two or three-course feast.