Our drinks

A cold glass of wine, a crisp pint of lager, a delicate spritz, or even a glass of fizz can turn those great summer moments into spectacular ones.

Journey through our new cocktail menu, filled with flavours of the season, such as the exotic Cuban Mai Tai. From exotic to zesty, there’s our Tommy’s Margarita, and our mouth-watering Citrus Spritz. All three are guaranteed to quench your summer thirst.

Our wine list is pouring a selection of full-bodied, dry, sweet and refreshing tones for all palettes.  We’ve got so many soft and low/no alcohol drinks for you to try at The Fish and Eels too. There’s Amalfi Spritz, our alcohol-free version of Aperol Spritz, as well as Citrus Fizz, and our must-try Lyre’s Passion Fruit Martini.

Finally, for even more of a personal experience, add a dash of Mathieu Teisseire syrup, available in elderflower, raspberry, passion fruit or strawberry, to liven up your house soda, cloudy lemonade and mojitos.


Click the link below to view our allergen, dietary and nutrition information, this will open in a new window. Some dishes may not be available in all sites. Please ensure that you refer to the information on each visit to confirm that nothing has changed.

Drinks menu