ABOUT The Fitzwilliam Arms

The Fitzwilliam Arms is an authentic, modern country pub serving a delightful range of pub dishes and some truly great beers, wines, gins and real ales.

The fantastic chefs at The Fitzwilliam Arms have carefully crafted a selection of menus to suit every occasion at any time of the day. From brunch through to dinner, we have a dish for you with plenty of vegetarian and vegan options available also.


Located in Marholm, The Fitzwilliam Arms is perfect if you’re looking to get away from the bigger cities. It’s located just under 15 minutes from Peterborough via Bretton Way.

The majority of buildings that surround the inn were once owned by The Fitzwilliam family, so there is no question about the reason for this pub restaurant's name. The Fitzwilliam Arms is situated centrally in the village of Marholm, next to the village's best known natural landmark, 'The Green Man', a 100 year old privet hedge.

KEEPING BUSY IN Peterborough

There are plenty of exciting things to visit near Marholm, before or after your visit to The Fitzwilliam Arms.


Love wildlife? Make sure to visit Railworld Wildlife Haven, a nature haven with 4,000 sq.ft. of model railways. The site was previously a derelict coal yard, the haven highlights sustainable transport and the environment, so make sure to explore the haven before taking a stroll through the Garden Railways.


Why not also visit the Sacrewell Heritage Farm and Country Centre? Meet the farm animals, discover the beautiful Cambridgeshire countryside, see the recently restored 18th century watermill or visit the indoor soft play centre, there certainly is plenty to do with friends and family. Take in the sights and history that Marholm has to offer, then head to The Fitzwilliam Arms for a pint or delicious dish.