Some of our favourties at The Drum Inn

With so much choice on our drinks menu, we thought you might need a helping hand…

Explore a few of our favourite drinks below and then get planning your next country escape, so you can discover yours!

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Cask Ales Cask Ales

Cask Ales

Cask ale is at the heart of all our Vintage Inns pubs. As well as having Doom Bar on all our handpulls, you’ll always find a selection of familiar favourites such as London Pride, Tribute and Purity Pure UBU. We also run regional ales from local breweries, plus seasonal ales throughout the year. Spoilt for choice? On your next visit why not ask a member of our team for a sample before you decide.

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The perfect G&T

It’s hard to beat a refreshing G&T. On our back bars you’ll find an array of British gins, including one of our favourites, Tanqueray; a London Dry gin, delivering fresh pine and lemon peel aromas with a smooth juniper finish. And in our fridges you’ll find a range of Fever-Tree tonics; delicious, natural, premium tonics with a clean and refreshing taste and aroma. As Fever-Tree put it, “if ¾ of your Gin & Tonic is the tonic, make sure you use the best” – we couldn’t agree more!

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Softails Softails


If you’re after a soft drink but fancy something a little different, our softails are the perfect choice. Choose from; a Raspberry & Grapefruit Virgin Mojito – served long with mint and soda, a Ginger & Lemongrass Sling – a delightful mix of sweet pineapple, lime, mint and ginger, or an Elderflower Fizz – a delicious, refreshing cooler of elderflower cordial, apple juice and lemonade.

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Craft Beers

We’re recently added two new products to our Craft Beers range. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is a full-flavoured beer with a balance of malty sweetness contrasted by hop spiciness and a smooth finish. Goose Island IPA recalls a time when ales shipped from England to India were highly hopped to preserve their distinct taste during the long journey. The result is a fruity aroma, dry malt middle, and long hop finish.

Craft Beers Craft Beers
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Low / No Alcohol Low / No Alcohol

Low/No Alcohol

Being designated driver doesn’t mean you must miss out. We’ve a wonderful range of low and no alcohol products including a non-alcoholic Strawberry & Lime Kopparberg and our new St. Peter’s Without; a full-bodied alcohol-free craft ale, with a distinctive malt flavour and a refreshing delicate bitterness. Within our wine list you’ll find Jacob’s Creek low-alcohol Twin Pickings Sauvignon Blanc Moscato (8% ABV).

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We’ve shown you some of our favourite products,
now it’s time for you to discover yours.